Brentor Church
St Michael de Rupe and Christ Church, Brent Tor

Dr David Harris (Churchwarden)

David is our junior Churchwarden, and the parish Treasurer and website manager!

Mrs Kate Kelly (Churchwarden)

Kate is our senior Churchwarden, and is in charge of fabric and music in the parish

Mrs Mary Lovell (Safeguarding Officer)

Mary is the Parish Safeguarding Officer, responsible for safeguarding and DBS checks

Very Rev Dr Christopher Hardwick (Vicar)

Our vicar, Chris, is responsible for the churches of Brentor, Tavistock and Gulworthy

Rev Mike Loader (Assistant Priest)

Mike is Chris' assistant priest, and is often with us at Brentor with his wife, Joy

Rev Dr Steven Martin (Assistant Curate)

Steve was ordained Priest in September 2016 and regularly comes to Brentor for services and music

Rev Sue Tucker

Sue is a Deacon within the benefice, and will be formally made a curate in 2017

Mrs Sally Pancheri

Sally is one of our Lay Readers and has a particular interest in outreach and youth work

Mr Christopher Pancheri

A Lay Reader, Christopher is architect for four churches and has a vocation to a ‘walking’ ministry

Mrs Wendy Roderick

Wendy is a Lay Reader in this benefice, but works overseas - we see her every Christmas though!

Dr Hazel Butland

Hazel is a Lay Reader based in our neighbouring parish of Mary Tavy, but she regularly leads services in Brentor

Rev Tony Vigars

Although technically based in Whitchurch, Tony regularly leads worship and study for us.